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Chapter 15. Key Pairs

This tab lists key pairs and fingerprints for all cloud providers. Click on a key pair to see a summary and its relationship with instances. On this screen, click on instances to see details of all instances the key pair relates to. You can use the key pairs added during provisioning instances.


Adding a new key pair is currently only supported for OpenStack.

15.1. Adding a New Key Pair

  1. Navigate to ComputeCloudsKey Pairs.
  2. Click 1847 (Configuration), then click 1862 (Add a new Key Pair).
  3. In Basic Information, enter a Name and the Public Key (optional) generated using ssh-keygen command.
  4. Select your OpenStack provider from the Provider list.
  5. Click Add.

15.2. Removing a Key Pair

  1. Navigate to ComputeCloudsKey Pairs.
  2. Select the key pair you want to remove from the key pairs list. Or, click on the key pair to see the instances it relates to.
  3. Click 1847 (Configuration), then click 1861 (Remove selected Key Pairs from Inventory). A warning appears to confirm the action.
  4. Click OK.

15.3. Downloading Key Pairs

  1. Navigate to ComputeCloudsKey Pairs. You will see a list of existing key pairs.
  2. Click the Download button, then select the option to download key pairs data in your preferred format:

    1. Download as Text
    2. Download as CSV
    3. Print or export as PDF