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Chapter 11. Flavors

Flavors indicate the resource profiles available for instances. Each flavor contains a value set for CPUs, CPU cores and memory. Flavors allow you to pre-configure resource settings, which you can then apply during instance provisioning. You can also change the flavor of a provisioned instance; see Section 13.19, “Resizing an Instance” for instructions.

Red Hat CloudForms provides the ability to view individual flavor information and instances currently using the flavor.

11.1. Creating a Flavor

You can create a new flavor for the provider.

  1. Navigate to ComputeCloudsFlavors.
  2. Click 1847 (Configuration), then click 1862 (Add a new Flavor).
  3. Select the provider from the Provider list.
  4. Enter a Name for the flavor.
  5. Enter RAM size in MB.
  6. Enter VCPUs.
  7. Enter Disk size in GB.
  8. Enter Swap size in MB.
  9. Enter RXTX factor. This is an optional property allows servers with a different bandwidth to be created with the RXTX factor. The default value is 1. That is, the new bandwidth will be the same as that of the attached network.
  10. Click Public to set True or False. The default is True. If you set it to false, select cloud tenants from the Cloud Tenant list.
  11. Click Add.

11.2. Viewing a Flavor

You can click on a specific flavor to view its details. The screen provides you with a flavor accordion and a flavor summary.

  • Use flavor summary views to change how you are looking at the summary.
  • Use the flavor accordion to view the Properties of the flavor and its Relationships.
  • Use the flavor summary to see details on Properties (CPUs, CPU Cores, Memory), Relationships (Cloud Provider, Instances), and Smart Management (Company Tags).

11.3. Viewing Flavor Relationships

Use the Relationship section in the flavor accordion to see items related to the flavor.

  1. Navigate to ComputeCloudsFlavors.
  2. Click a flavor to view the configuration.
  3. From the flavor accordion, click Relationships.
  4. Click the type of resource to see the flavor’s relationships.

11.4. Deleting a Flavor

  1. Navigate to ComputeCloudsFlavors.
  2. Select the flavors you want to remove from the list.
  3. Click 1847 (Configuration), then click Remove Flavor (Remove selected Flavors).
  4. Cick OK on the warning window to remove selected flavors permanently.