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Chapter 8. Availability Zones

An availability zone is a provider-specific method of grouping cloud instances and services. Red Hat CloudForms uses Amazon EC2 regions and OpenStack Nova zones as availability zones.

8.1. Viewing an Availability Zone

You can click on an availability zone to view its details. The screen provides you with an availability zone accordion and an availability zone summary page.

  • You can choose between graphical or text view of the datastore summary.
  • Use the availability zone accordion to view the Properties of the zone and its Relationships to other cloud resources.
  • Use the availability zone summary to see details on Relationships (Cloud Provider, Instances) and Smart Management (Company Tags).

8.2. Viewing Availability Zone Relationships

Use the availability zone accordion’s Relationship section to see items related to an availability zone.

  1. Navigate to ComputeCloudsAvailability Zones.
  2. Click the availability zone to view the configuration.
  3. From the availability zone accordion, click Relationships.
  4. Click the type of resource relationship to view as a list.