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Chapter 4. Use Cases

The following examples show how ServiceNow can be integrated with automation workflows.

4.1. Provisioning a Virtual Machine from a Template

The Cloud and Infrastructure Provision VM from Template State Machines contain RegisterCMDB and ActivateCMDB states.

To create a new ServiceNow record during virtual machine provisioning, amend the ActiveCMDB state to call the create method, for example:



4.2. Virtual Machine Retirement

The Cloud and Infrastructure default Retirement State Machines contain the DeactivateCMDB state.

To update a virtual machine’s ServiceNow record during virtual machine retirement, amend the DeactivateCMDB state to call the update_patch method, for example:



4.3. Virtual Machine Reconfiguration (VMware Only)

Create a new System Event instance to update the ServiceNow record after a virtual machine reconfiguration request has been approved and completed.

Create a new /System/Event/ReconfigVM_Task_Complete instance with a relationship value: