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Chapter 1. Overview

Red Hat CloudForms integration with ServiceNow enables authentication with an existing ServiceNow database and add/amend items in the ServiceNow database during state machine processing, such as the virtual machine provisioning state machine. Note that information in this guide assumes you have credentials and access to a ServiceNow database instance.

The following new namespace and class delivers support for the management of ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) records using ServiceNow’s RESTful web service.


You can manage records in the CMDB_CI_SERVER table, including create, update, and/or delete. The following methods are included:



Create record in specified ServiceNow table.


Delete record in specified ServiceNow table.


Get record from specified ServiceNow table and list its attributes.


Get all records in ServiceNow and list attributes.


Get specified record, update required attributes and post updated record.


Post required attributes to specified record.


Configuration item (CI) and record are used interchangeably and refer to items in a ServiceNow database table.