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Chapter 5. Configuring Red Hat CloudForms

Configuring CloudForms involves two steps:

These steps are required to allow CloudForms to collect metrics from OpenShift Container Platform (Chapter 3, Enabling OpenShift Container Platform Metrics) and use them to perform a SmartState analysis. You can choose different servers to perform either function; the following sections assume that you will.

5.1. Configuring CloudForms Capacity and Utilization

For metrics collection to work properly, you also need to configure Red Hat CloudForms to allow for all three Capacity & Utilization server roles, which are available from the settings menu under ConfigurationServerServer Control. For more information on capacity and utilization collection, see Assigning the Capacity and Utilization Server Roles in the Deployment Planning Guide.

To enable these server roles:

  1. Click Configuration, then select the server to configure from SettingsZone in the accordion menu on the left.
  2. Navigate to the Server Roles list in the ServerServer Control section. From there, set the required capacity and utilization roles to ON, namely:

    1. Capacity & Utilization Coordinator
    2. Capacity & Utilization Data Collector
    3. Capacity & Utilization Data Processor
  3. Click Save.

Data collection is enabled immediately. However, the first collection begins 5 minutes after the server is started, and every 10 minutes after that. Therefore, the longest the collection takes after enabling the Capacity & Utilization Collector role is 10 minutes. The first collection from a particular provider may take a few minutes since Red Hat CloudForms is gathering data points going one month back in time.

For more information, see Capacity and Utilization Collection in the Deployment Planning Guide.

5.2. Enabling SmartState Analysis

After enabling the required server roles, enable SmartState analysis. See Smart State Analysis Support from the Support Matrix and Running a SmartState Analysis in the Managing Providers guide for more information.

Enabling SmartState analysis is similar to Section 5.1, “Configuring CloudForms Capacity and Utilization”, in that the procedure also involves enabling server roles on a specific server. To do so:

  1. Click i*Configuration*.
  2. Select the server to configure from SettingsZone in the left pane of the appliance.
  3. Navigate to the Server Roles list in the ServerServer Control section. From there, set the appropriate SmartState roles to ON. Namely:

    1. SmartProxy
    2. SmartState Analysis
  4. Click Save.