1.4.3. Disable metrics-collector

You can disable the metrics-collector, which stops it from collecting the data and sending the collection data to the observability service. Disable metrics-collector on all clusters

Disable the metrics-collector pod to stop data from being collected and sent to the observability service on the Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management hub cluster.

When you disable the metrics-collector deployment is scaled to zero, and all managed clusters with the vendor:OpenShift label are disabled. View the following options to disable the metrics-collector:

Update the multicluster-observability-operator resource by setting enableMetrics to false. Your updated resource might resemble the following change:

  availabilityConfig: High # Available values are High or Basic
  imagePullPolicy: Always
  imagePullSecret: multiclusterhub-operator-pull-secret
  observabilityAddonSpec: # The ObservabilityAddonSpec defines the global settings for all managed clusters which have observability add-on enabled
    enableMetrics: false #indicates the observability addon push metrics to hub server