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第9章 Email domain configuration

Emails sent from the 3scale system to developers on your behalf are distributed by SendGrid. The configurations guidelines in this section allow the emails to come from one of your domains rather than from 3scale.

This feature is not available on Personal plan accounts.

After you have the email setup configured on your side, open a support case on the Red Hat Customer Portal to complete the process. Just as for SSL certificates, we recommend you complete these steps as soon as possible.

Email configuration flow diagram

9.1. Procedure

9.1.1. Configuring the email domain

  1. Add a domain that is a CNAME to SendGrid. (Choose anything you like for the APIMAIL.YOURDOMAIN subdomain): CNAME
  2. Add the following TXT record to TXT v=spf1 -all

    Or add the following line to an existing record:
  3. Add the domain keys to ensure email deliverability: CNAME CNAME A

9.1.2. Verify your DNS changes

Use the following DIG statements from the command line to verify that your DNS changes are correctly implemented:

  dig cname
  # should return ""

  dig cname
  # should return ""

  dig cname
  # should return ""

  dig a
  # should return ""

  dig txt
  # should return "v=spf1 -all"

9.1.3. Inform Support to finalize the email domain change

As the final step, inform support to initiate the email change with the following information:

  • Desired email address for outbound mail. The email address should be in the form of
  • Entry that you used for APIMAIL.YOURDOMAIN.
  • Full company address (including country).
  • Contact phone number.