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7.2. Installing a cluster on IBM Power in a restricted network

In OpenShift Container Platform version 4.5, you can install a cluster on IBM Power infrastructure that you provision in a restricted network.


Additional considerations exist for non-bare metal platforms. Review the information in the guidelines for deploying OpenShift Container Platform on non-tested platforms before you install an OpenShift Container Platform cluster.


  • Create a mirror registry for installation in a restricted network and obtain the imageContentSources data for your version of OpenShift Container Platform. Use the image.
  • Before you begin the installation process, you must move or remove any existing installation files. This ensures that the required installation files are created and updated during the installation process.


    Ensure that installation steps are done from a machine with access to the installation media.

  • Provision persistent storage for your cluster. To deploy a private image registry, your storage must provide ReadWriteMany access modes.
  • Review details about the OpenShift Container Platform installation and update processes.
  • If you use a firewall and plan to use telemetry, you must configure the firewall to allow the sites that your cluster requires access to.


    Be sure to also review this site list if you are configuring a proxy.

7.2.1. About installations in restricted networks

In OpenShift Container Platform 4.5, you can perform an installation that does not require an active connection to the Internet to obtain software components. Restricted network installations can be completed using installer-provisioned infrastructure or user-provisioned infrastructure, depending on the cloud platform to which you are installing the cluster.

To complete a restricted network installation, you must create a registry that mirrors the contents of the OpenShift Container Platform registry and contains the installation media. You can create this registry on a mirror host, which can access both the Internet and your closed network, or by using other methods that meet your restrictions.


Because of the complexity of the configuration for user-provisioned installations, consider completing a standard user-provisioned infrastructure installation before you attempt a restricted network installation using user-provisioned infrastructure. Completing this test installation might make it easier to isolate and troubleshoot any issues that might arise during your installation in a restricted network. Additional limits

Clusters in restricted networks have the following additional limitations and restrictions:

  • The ClusterVersion status includes an Unable to retrieve available updates error.
  • By default, you cannot use the contents of the Developer Catalog because you cannot access the required image stream tags.