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8.4. Installing a cluster on OpenStack with Kuryr on your own infrastructure

In OpenShift Container Platform version 4.5, you can install a cluster on Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) that runs on user-provisioned infrastructure.

Using your own infrastructure allows you to integrate your cluster with existing infrastructure and modifications. The process requires more labor on your part than installer-provisioned installations, because you must create all RHOSP resources, like Nova servers, Neutron ports, and security groups. However, Red Hat provides Ansible playbooks to help you in the deployment process.

8.4.1. Prerequisites

  • Review details about the OpenShift Container Platform installation and update processes.

  • Verify that your network configuration does not rely on a provider network. Provider networks are not supported.
  • Have an RHOSP account where you want to install OpenShift Container Platform.
  • On the machine from which you run the installation program, have:

    • A single directory in which you can keep the files you create during the installation process
    • Python 3