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第15章 Support for FIPS cryptography

Starting with version 4.3, you can install an OpenShift Container Platform cluster that uses FIPS Validated / Modules in Process cryptographic libraries.

For the Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS (RHCOS) machines in your cluster, this change is applied when the machines are deployed based on the status of an option in the install-config.yaml file, which governs the cluster options that a user can change during cluster deployment. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) machines, you must enable FIPS mode when you install the operating system on the machines that you plan to use as worker machines. These configuration methods ensure that your cluster meet the requirements of a FIPS compliance audit: only FIPS Validated / Modules in Process cryptography packages are enabled before the initial system boot.

Because FIPS must be enabled before the operating system that your cluster uses boots for the first time, you cannot enable FIPS after you deploy a cluster.

15.1. FIPS validation in OpenShift Container Platform

OpenShift Container Platform uses certain FIPS Validated / Modules in Process modules within RHEL and RHCOS for the operating system components that it uses. See RHEL7 core crypto components. For example, when users SSH into OpenShift Container Platform clusters and containers, those connections are properly encrypted.

OpenShift Container Platform components are written in Go and built with Red Hat’s golang compiler. When you enable FIPS mode for your cluster, all OpenShift Container Platform components that require cryptographic signing call RHEL and RHCOS cryptographic libraries.

表15.1 FIPS mode attributes and limitations in OpenShift Container Platform 4.5


FIPS support in RHEL 7 operating systems.

The FIPS implementation does not offer a single function that both computes hash functions and validates the keys that are based on that hash. This limitation will continue to be evaluated and improved in future OpenShift Container Platform releases.

FIPS support in CRI-O runtimes.

FIPS support in OpenShift Container Platform services.

FIPS Validated / Modules in Process cryptographic module and algorithms that are obtained from RHEL 7 and RHCOS binaries and images.


Use of FIPS compatible golang compiler.

TLS FIPS support is not complete but is planned for future OpenShift Container Platform releases.