Menu Close Exporting common variables for Deployment Manager templates

You must export a common set of variables that are used with the provided Deployment Manager templates used to assist in completing a user-provided infrastructure install on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Specific Deployment Manager templates can also require additional exported variables, which are detailed in their related procedures.


  • Obtain the OpenShift Container Platform installation program and the pull secret for your cluster.
  • Generate the Ignition config files for your cluster.
  • Install the jq package.


  1. Export the following common variables to be used by the provided Deployment Manager templates:
$ export BASE_DOMAIN='<base_domain>' 1
$ export BASE_DOMAIN_ZONE_NAME='<base_domain_zone_name>' 2
$ export NETWORK_CIDR=''

$ export KUBECONFIG=<installation_directory>/auth/kubeconfig 3
$ export CLUSTER_NAME=`jq -r .clusterName <installation_directory>/metadata.json`
$ export INFRA_ID=`jq -r .infraID <installation_directory>/metadata.json`
$ export PROJECT_NAME=`jq -r .gcp.projectID <installation_directory>/metadata.json`
1 2
Supply the values for the host project.
For <installation_directory>, specify the path to the directory that you stored the installation files in.