Menu Close Modifying the network type

By default, the installation program selects the OpenShiftSDN network type. To use Kuryr instead, change the value in the installation configuration file that the program generated.


  • You have the file install-config.yaml that was generated by the OpenShift Container Platform installation program


  1. In a command prompt, browse to the directory that contains install-config.yaml.
  2. From that directory, either run a script to edit the install-config.yaml file or update the file manually:

    • To set the value by using a script, run:

      $ python -c '
      import yaml;
      path = "install-config.yaml";
      data = yaml.safe_load(open(path));
      data["networking"]["networkType"] = "Kuryr";
      open(path, "w").write(yaml.dump(data, default_flow_style=False))'
    • To set the value manually, open the file and set networking.networkType to "Kuryr".