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8.4.21. Deleting bootstrap resources

Delete the bootstrap resources that you no longer need.


  • The inventory.yaml and common.yaml Ansible playbooks in a common directory

    • If you need these files, copy them from Creating network resources
  • The control plane machines are running

    • If you don’t know the machines' status, see Verifying cluster status


  1. Insert the following content into a local file that is called down-bootstrap.yaml:

    例8.15 down-bootstrap.yaml

    # Required Python packages:
    # ansible
    # openstacksdk
    - import_playbook: common.yaml
    - hosts: all
      gather_facts: no
      - name: 'Remove the bootstrap server'
          name: "{{ os_bootstrap_server_name }}"
          state: absent
          delete_fip: yes
      - name: 'Remove the bootstrap server port'
          name: "{{ os_port_bootstrap }}"
          state: absent
  2. On a command line, run the playbook:

    $ ansible-playbook -i inventory.yaml down-bootstrap.yaml

The bootstrap port, server, and floating IP address are deleted.


If you did not disable the bootstrap Ignition file URL earlier, do so now.