Menu Close Custom subnets in RHOSP deployments

Optionally, you can deploy a cluster on a Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) subnet of your choice. The subnet’s GUID is passed as the value of platform.openstack.machinesSubnet in the install-config.yaml file.

This subnet is used as the cluster’s primary subnet; nodes and ports are created on it.

Before you run the OpenShift Container Platform installer with a custom subnet, verify that:

  • The target network and subnet are available.
  • DHCP is enabled on the target subnet.
  • You can provide installer credentials that have permission to create ports on the target network.
  • If your network configuration requires a router, it is created in RHOSP. Some configurations rely on routers for floating IP address translation.
  • Your network configuration does not rely on a provider network. Provider networks are not supported.

By default, the API VIP takes x.x.x.5 and the Ingress VIP takes x.x.x.7 from your network’s CIDR block. To override these default values, set values for platform.openstack.apiVIP and platform.openstack.ingressVIP that are outside of the DHCP allocation pool.