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8.3.24. Configuring application access with floating IP addresses

After you install OpenShift Container Platform, configure Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) to allow application network traffic.


  • OpenShift Container Platform cluster must be installed
  • Floating IP addresses are enabled as described in Enabling access to the environment.


After you install the OpenShift Container Platform cluster, attach a floating IP address to the ingress port:

  1. Show the port:

    $ openstack port show <cluster name>-<clusterID>-ingress-port
  2. Attach the port to the IP address:

    $ openstack floating ip set --port <ingress port ID> <apps FIP>
  3. Add a wildcard A record for *apps. to your DNS file:

    *.apps.<cluster name>.<base domain>  IN  A  <apps FIP>

If you do not control the DNS server but want to enable application access for non-production purposes, you can add these hostnames to /etc/hosts:

<apps FIP> console-openshift-console.apps.<cluster name>.<base domain>
<apps FIP> integrated-oauth-server-openshift-authentication.apps.<cluster name>.<base domain>
<apps FIP> oauth-openshift.apps.<cluster name>.<base domain>
<apps FIP> prometheus-k8s-openshift-monitoring.apps.<cluster name>.<base domain>
<apps FIP> grafana-openshift-monitoring.apps.<cluster name>.<base domain>
<apps FIP> <app name>.apps.<cluster name>.<base domain>