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5.2.13. Creating the cluster

To create the OpenShift Container Platform cluster, you wait for the bootstrap process to complete on the machines that you provisioned by using the Ignition config files that you generated with the installation program.


  • Create the required infrastructure for the cluster.
  • You obtained the installation program and generated the Ignition config files for your cluster.
  • You used the Ignition config files to create RHCOS machines for your cluster.
  • Your machines have direct Internet access or have an HTTP or HTTPS proxy available.


  1. Monitor the bootstrap process:

    $ ./openshift-install --dir=<installation_directory> wait-for bootstrap-complete \ 1
        --log-level=info 2
    For <installation_directory>, specify the path to the directory that you stored the installation files in.
    To view different installation details, specify warn, debug, or error instead of info.

    Example output

    INFO Waiting up to 30m0s for the Kubernetes API at
    INFO API v1.18.3 up
    INFO Waiting up to 30m0s for bootstrapping to complete...
    INFO It is now safe to remove the bootstrap resources

    The command succeeds when the Kubernetes API server signals that it has been bootstrapped on the control plane machines.

  2. After bootstrap process is complete, remove the bootstrap machine from the load balancer.


    You must remove the bootstrap machine from the load balancer at this point. You can also remove or reformat the machine itself.