Menu Close Sample install-config.yaml file for an installer-provisioned VMware vSphere cluster

You can customize the install-config.yaml file to specify more details about your OpenShift Container Platform cluster’s platform or modify the values of the required parameters.

apiVersion: v1
baseDomain: 1
compute: 2
- hyperthreading: Enabled 3
  name: worker
  replicas: 3
    vsphere: 4
      cpus: 2
      coresPerSocket: 2
      memoryMB: 8196
        diskSizeGB: 120
controlPlane: 5
  hyperthreading: Enabled 6
  name: master
  replicas: 3
    vsphere: 7
      cpus: 4
      coresPerSocket: 2
      memoryMB: 16384
        diskSizeGB: 120
  name: cluster 8
    vcenter: your.vcenter.server
    username: username
    password: password
    datacenter: datacenter
    defaultDatastore: datastore
    folder: folder
    network: VM_Network
    cluster: vsphere_cluster_name
    apiVIP: api_vip
    ingressVIP: ingress_vip
    clusterOSImage: 9
fips: false
pullSecret: '{"auths":{"<local_registry>": {"auth": "<credentials>","email": ""}}}' 10
sshKey: 'ssh-ed25519 AAAA...'
additionalTrustBundle: | 11
imageContentSources: 12
- mirrors:
  - <local_registry>/<local_repository_name>/release
- mirrors:
  - <local_registry>/<local_repository_name>/release
The base domain of the cluster. All DNS records must be sub-domains of this base and include the cluster name.
2 5
The controlPlane section is a single mapping, but the compute section is a sequence of mappings. To meet the requirements of the different data structures, the first line of the compute section must begin with a hyphen, -, and the first line of the controlPlane section must not. Although both sections currently define a single machine pool, it is possible that future versions of OpenShift Container Platform will support defining multiple compute pools during installation. Only one control plane pool is used.
3 6
Whether to enable or disable simultaneous multithreading, or hyperthreading. By default, simultaneous multithreading is enabled to increase the performance of your machines' cores. You can disable it by setting the parameter value to Disabled. If you disable simultaneous multithreading in some cluster machines, you must disable it in all cluster machines.

If you disable simultaneous multithreading, ensure that your capacity planning accounts for the dramatically decreased machine performance. Your machines must use at least 8 CPUs and 32 GB of RAM if you disable simultaneous multithreading.

4 7
Optional: Provide additional configuration for the machine pool parameters for the compute and control plane machines.
The cluster name that you specified in your DNS records.
The location of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS (RHCOS) image that is accessible from the bastion server.
For <local_registry>, specify the registry domain name, and optionally the port, that your mirror registry uses to serve content. For example or For <credentials>, specify the base64-encoded user name and password for your mirror registry.
Provide the contents of the certificate file that you used for your mirror registry.
Provide the imageContentSources section from the output of the command to mirror the repository.