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4.9.12. Creating the RHCOS cluster image for the GCP infrastructure

You must use a valid Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS (RHCOS) image for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for your OpenShift Container Platform nodes.


  1. Obtain the RHCOS image from the RHCOS image mirror page.


    The RHCOS images might not change with every release of OpenShift Container Platform. You must download an image with the highest version that is less than or equal to the OpenShift Container Platform version that you install. Use the image version that matches your OpenShift Container Platform version if it is available.

    The file name contains the OpenShift Container Platform version number in the format rhcos-<version>-<arch>-gcp.<arch>.tar.gz.

  2. Create the Google storage bucket:

    $ gsutil mb gs://<bucket_name>
  3. Upload the RHCOS image to the Google storage bucket:

    $ gsutil cp <downloaded_image_file_path>/rhcos-<version>-x86_64-gcp.x86_64.tar.gz  gs://<bucket_name>
  4. Export the uploaded RHCOS image location as a variable:

    $ export IMAGE_SOURCE=`gs://<bucket_name>/rhcos-<version>-x86_64-gcp.x86_64.tar.gz`
  5. Create the cluster image:

    $ gcloud compute images create "${INFRA_ID}-rhcos-image" \