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4.9.5. Exporting common variables Extracting the infrastructure name

The Ignition config files contain a unique cluster identifier that you can use to uniquely identify your cluster in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The provided Deployment Manager templates contain references to this infrastructure name, so you must extract it.


  • Obtain the OpenShift Container Platform installation program and the pull secret for your cluster.
  • Generate the Ignition config files for your cluster.
  • Install the jq package.


  • To extract and view the infrastructure name from the Ignition config file metadata, run the following command:

    $ jq -r .infraID <installation_directory>/metadata.json 1
    For <installation_directory>, specify the path to the directory that you stored the installation files in.

    Example output

    openshift-vw9j6 1

    The output of this command is your cluster name and a random string.