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OpenShift Container Platform requires a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service account that provides authentication and authorization to access data in the Google APIs. If you do not have an existing IAM service account that contains the required roles in your project, you must create one.


  • You created a project to host your cluster.


  1. Create a service account in the project that you use to host your OpenShift Container Platform cluster. See Creating a service account in the GCP documentation.
  2. Grant the service account the appropriate permissions. You can either grant the individual permissions that follow or assign the Owner role to it. See Granting roles to a service account for specific resources.


    While making the service account an owner of the project is the easiest way to gain the required permissions, it means that service account has complete control over the project. You must determine if the risk that comes from offering that power is acceptable.

  3. Create the service account key in JSON format. See Creating service account keys in the GCP documentation.

    The service account key is required to create a cluster. Required GCP permissions

When you attach the Owner role to the service account that you create, you grant that service account all permissions, including those that are required to install OpenShift Container Platform. To deploy an OpenShift Container Platform cluster, the service account requires the following permissions. If you deploy your cluster into an existing VPC, the service account does not require certain networking permissions, which are noted in the following lists:

Required roles for the installation program

  • Compute Admin
  • Security Admin
  • Service Account Admin
  • Service Account User
  • Storage Admin

Required roles for creating network resources during installation

  • DNS Administrator

Required roles for user-provisioned GCP infrastructure

  • Deployment Manager Editor
  • Service Account Key Admin

Optional roles

For the cluster to create new limited credentials for its Operators, add the following role:

  • Service Account Key Admin

The roles are applied to the service accounts that the control plane and compute machines use:

表4.35 GCP service account permissions


Control Plane