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12.5.12. Extracting the infrastructure name

The Ignition config files contain a unique cluster identifier that you can use to uniquely identify your cluster in {cp-first} ({cp}). The provided {cp-template} templates contain references to this infrastructure name, so you must extract it.


  • Obtain the OpenShift Container Platform installation program and the pull secret for your cluster.
  • Generate the Ignition config files for your cluster.
  • Install the jq package.


  • To extract and view the infrastructure name from the Ignition config file metadata, run the following command:

    $ jq -r .infraID <installation_directory>/metadata.json 1
    For <installation_directory>, specify the path to the directory that you stored the installation files in.

    Example output

    openshift-vw9j6 1

    The output of this command is your cluster name and a random string.