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8.4.13. Installation configuration parameters

Before you deploy an OpenShift Container Platform cluster, you provide parameter values to describe your account on the cloud platform that hosts your cluster and optionally customize your cluster’s platform. When you create the install-config.yaml installation configuration file, you provide values for the required parameters through the command line. If you customize your cluster, you can modify the install-config.yaml file to provide more details about the platform.


After installation, you cannot modify these parameters in the install-config.yaml file.


The openshift-install command does not validate field names for parameters. If an incorrect name is specified, the related file or object is not created, and no error is reported. Ensure that the field names for any parameters that are specified are correct. Required configuration parameters

Required installation configuration parameters are described in the following table:

表8.23 Required parameters



The API version for the install-config.yaml content. The current version is v1. The installer may also support older API versions.



The base domain of your cloud provider. The base domain is used to create routes to your OpenShift Container Platform cluster components. The full DNS name for your cluster is a combination of the baseDomain and parameter values that uses the <>.<baseDomain> format.

A fully-qualified domain or subdomain name, such as


Kubernetes resource ObjectMeta, from which only the name parameter is consumed.


The name of the cluster. DNS records for the cluster are all subdomains of {{}}.{{.baseDomain}}.

String of lowercase letters, hyphens (-), and periods (.), such as dev. The string must be 14 characters or fewer long.


The configuration for the specific platform upon which to perform the installation: aws, baremetal, azure, openstack, ovirt, vsphere. For additional information about platform.<platform> parameters, consult the following table for your specific platform.



Get a pull secret from to authenticate downloading container images for OpenShift Container Platform components from services such as