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3.8.22. Completing an Azure installation on user-provisioned infrastructure

After you start the OpenShift Container Platform installation on Microsoft Azure user-provisioned infrastructure, you can monitor the cluster events until the cluster is ready.


  • Deploy the bootstrap machine for an OpenShift Container Platform cluster on user-provisioned Azure infrastructure.
  • Install the oc CLI and log in.


  • Complete the cluster installation:

    $ ./openshift-install --dir=<installation_directory> wait-for install-complete 1

    Example output

    INFO Waiting up to 30m0s for the cluster to initialize...

    For <installation_directory>, specify the path to the directory that you stored the installation files in.

    The Ignition config files that the installation program generates contain certificates that expire after 24 hours, which are then renewed at that time. If the cluster is shut down before renewing the certificates and the cluster is later restarted after the 24 hours have elapsed, the cluster automatically recovers the expired certificates. The exception is that you must manually approve the pending node-bootstrapper certificate signing requests (CSRs) to recover kubelet certificates. See the documentation for Recovering from expired control plane certificates for more information.