Menu Close Increasing Azure account limits

To increase an account limit, file a support request on the Azure portal.


You can increase only one type of quota per support request.


  1. From the Azure portal, click Help + support in the lower left corner.
  2. Click New support request and then select the required values:

    1. From the Issue type list, select Service and subscription limits (quotas).
    2. From the Subscription list, select the subscription to modify.
    3. From the Quota type list, select the quota to increase. For example, select Compute-VM (cores-vCPUs) subscription limit increases to increase the number of vCPUs, which is required to install a cluster.
    4. Click Next: Solutions.
  3. On the Problem Details page, provide the required information for your quota increase:

    1. Click Provide details and provide the required details in the Quota details window.
    2. In the SUPPORT METHOD and CONTACT INFO sections, provide the issue severity and your contact details.
  4. Click Next: Review + create and then click Create.