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13.3. Available cluster customizations

You complete most of the cluster configuration and customization after you deploy your OpenShift Container Platform cluster. A number of configuration resources are available.

You modify the configuration resources to configure the major features of the cluster, such as the image registry, networking configuration, image build behavior, and the identity provider.

For current documentation of the settings that you control by using these resources, use the oc explain command, for example oc explain builds

13.3.1. Cluster configuration resources

All cluster configuration resources are globally scoped (not namespaced) and named cluster.

Resource nameDescription

Provides API server configuration such as certificates and certificate authorities.

Controls the identity provider and authentication configuration for the cluster.

Controls default and enforced configuration for all builds on the cluster.

Configures the behavior of the web console interface, including the logout behavior.

Enables FeatureGates so that you can use Tech Preview features.

Configures how specific image registries should be treated (allowed, disallowed, insecure, CA details).

Configuration details related to routing such as the default domain for routes.

Configures identity providers and other behavior related to internal OAuth server flows.

Configures how projects are created including the project template.

Defines proxies to be used by components needing external network access. Note: not all components currently consume this value.

Configures scheduler behavior such as policies and default node selectors.