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第12章 イメージのモニタリング

12.1. 概要

You can monitor images in your instance using the CLI.

12.2. イメージ統計の表示

OpenShift Container Platform can display several usage statistics about all the images it manages. In other words, all the images pushed to the internal registry either directly or through a build.


$ oc adm top images
NAME                 IMAGESTREAMTAG            PARENTS                   USAGE                         METADATA    STORAGE
sha256:80c985739a78b openshift/python (3.5)                                                            yes         303.12MiB
sha256:64461b5111fc7 openshift/ruby (2.2)                                                              yes         234.33MiB
sha256:0e19a0290ddc1 test/ruby-ex (latest)     sha256:64461b5111fc71ec   Deployment: ruby-ex-1/test    yes         150.65MiB
sha256:a968c61adad58 test/django-ex (latest)   sha256:80c985739a78b760   Deployment: django-ex-1/test  yes         186.07MiB


  • image ID
  • project, name, and tag of the accompanying ImageStreamTag
  • potential parents of the image, using their ID
  • information about where the image is being used
  • flag informing whether the image contains proper Docker metadata information
  • size of the image

12.3. ImageStreams 統計の表示

OpenShift Container Platform can display several usage statistics about all the ImageStreams.


$ oc adm top imagestreams
NAME                STORAGE     IMAGES  LAYERS
openshift/python    1.21GiB     4       36
openshift/ruby      717.76MiB   3       27
test/ruby-ex        150.65MiB   1       10
test/django-ex      186.07MiB   1       10


  • project and name of the ImageStream
  • size of the entire ImageStream stored in the internal Red Hat Container Registry
  • number of images this particular ImageStream is pointing to
  • number of layers ImageStream consists of

12.4. イメージのプルーニング

The information returned from the above commands is helpful when performing image pruning.