6.3. Process Creation

Procedure 6.2.  Create a New Process

  1. To create a new process, select FileNewOther and then select jBPMBPMN2 Process.
  2. Select the parent folder for the process.
  3. Enter a name in the File name: dialogue box and click Finish.
  4. Open the graphical editor by right clicking the process .bpmn file, select Open With and then click the radio button next to BPMN2 Process Editor.
  5. Add nodes to the process by clicking on the required node in the palette and clicking on the canvas where the node should be placed.
  6. Connect the nodes with sequence flows. Select Sequence Flow from the palette, then click the nodes to connect them.
  7. To edit a node's properties, click the node, open the properties tab in the bottom panel of the JBDS workspace, and click the values to be edited.
    If the properties tab is not already open, right click the bpmn file in the package panel and select Show inProperties.
  8. Click the save icon to save the process.