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B.2. Procedura conversione da GFS a GFS2

Usare la seguente procedura per convertire un file system GFS in un file system GFS2.
  1. Su di un sistema Red Hat Enterprise Linux eseguire un backup del vostro file system GFS esistente.
  2. Smontate il file system GFS da tutti i nodi presenti nel cluster.
  3. Eseguite il comando gfs_fsck sul file system GFS, in modo da assicurarvi che il file system non sia corrotto.
  4. Eseguire gfs2_convert gfsfilesystem. Il sistema mostrerà le domande di conferma insieme ai messaggi d'avviso prima delle conversione di gfsfilesystem in GFS2.
  5. Aggiornamento al Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Il seguente esempio converte un file system GFS sul dispositivo a blocchi /dev/shell_vg/500g in un file system GFS2.
[root@shell-01 ~]#  /root/cluster/gfs2/convert/gfs2_convert /dev/shell_vg/500g 
gfs2_convert version 2 (built May 10 2010 10:05:40)
Copyright (C) Red Hat, Inc.  2004-2006  All rights reserved.

Examining file system..................
This program will convert a gfs1 filesystem to a gfs2 filesystem.
WARNING: This can't be undone.  It is strongly advised that you:

   1. Back up your entire filesystem first.
   2. Run gfs_fsck first to ensure filesystem integrity.
   3. Make sure the filesystem is NOT mounted from any node.
   4. Make sure you have the latest software versions.
Convert /dev/shell_vg/500g from GFS1 to GFS2? (y/n)y
Converting resource groups...................
Converting inodes.
24208 inodes from 1862 rgs converted.
Fixing file and directory information.
18 cdpn symlinks moved to empty directories.
Converting journals.
Converting journal space to rg space.
Writing journal #1...done.
Writing journal #2...done.
Writing journal #3...done.
Writing journal #4...done.
Building GFS2 file system structures.
Removing obsolete GFS1 file system structures.
Committing changes to disk.
/dev/shell_vg/500g: filesystem converted successfully to gfs2.