Chapter 3. Managing RAID devices using Cockpit

3.1. Configuring a new RAID Device using Cockpit

  1. Log in to Cockpit.
  2. Click the hostname → Storage.
  3. Click the + button beside RAID Devices.

    Figure 3.1. RAID Devices

    A list of RAID devices

    The Create RAID Device window opens.

    Figure 3.2. Create Raid Device window

    The Create RAID Device window
    1. Specify a Name for your RAID device.
    2. Specify the RAID Level to use.


      Only RAID5 and RAID6 are supported for RHHI for Virtualization.

    3. Leave the Chunk Size as the default value.
    4. Check the Disks to use in creating the RAID device.
    5. Click Create.