3.4. Switching the system to FIPS mode

The system-wide cryptographic policies contain a policy level that enables cryptographic modules self-checks in accordance with the requirements by the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-3. The fips-mode-setup tool that enables or disables FIPS mode internally uses the FIPS system-wide cryptographic policy level.


Red Hat recommends installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 with FIPS mode enabled, as opposed to enabling FIPS mode later. Enabling FIPS mode during the installation ensures that the system generates all keys with FIPS-approved algorithms and continuous monitoring tests in place.


The cryptographic modules of RHEL 9 are not yet certified for the FIPS 140-3 requirements.


  1. To switch the system to FIPS mode:

    # fips-mode-setup --enable
    Kernel initramdisks are being regenerated. This might take some time.
    Setting system policy to FIPS
    Note: System-wide crypto policies are applied on application start-up.
    It is recommended to restart the system for the change of policies
    to fully take place.
    FIPS mode will be enabled.
    Please reboot the system for the setting to take effect.
  2. Redémarrez votre système pour permettre au noyau de passer en mode FIPS :

    # reboot


  1. After the restart, you can check the current state of FIPS mode:

    # fips-mode-setup --check
    FIPS mode is enabled.

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