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5.9. Preparing for uploading images to Alibaba

This section describes steps to verify custom images that you can deploy on Alibaba Cloud. The images will need a specific configuration to boot successfully, because Alibaba Cloud requests the custom images to meet certain requirements before you use it. For this, it is recommended that you use the Alibaba image_check tool.


The custom image verification is an optional task. Image Builder generates images that conform to Alibaba’s requirements.


  • You must have an Alibaba image created by Image Builder.


  1. Connect to the system containing the image you want to check it by the Alibaba image_check tool.
  2. Download the image_check tool:

    $ curl -O
  3. Change the file permission of the image compliance tool:

    # chmod +x image_check
  4. Run the command to start the image compliance tool checkup:

    # ./image_check

    The tool verifies the system configuration and generate a report that is displayed on your screen. The image_check tool saves this report in the same folder where the image compliance tool is running.

  5. If any of the Detection Items fail, follow the instructions to correct it. For more information, see link: Detection items section.

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