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5.11. Importing images to Alibaba

This section describes how to import an Alibaba image to Elastic Cloud Console (ECS).


  • You have uploaded the image to Object Storage Service (OSS).


  1. Log in to the ECS console.

    1. On the left side menu, click Images.
    2. On the right upper side, click Import Image. A window dialog opens.
    3. Confirm that you have set up the correct region where the image is located. Enter the following information:

      1. OSS Object Address: See how to obtain OSS Object Address.
      2. Image Name:
      3. Operating System:
      4. System Disk Size:
      5. System Architecture:
      6. Platform: Red Hat
    4. Optionally, provide the following details:

      1. Image Format: qcow2 or ami, depending on the uploaded image format.
      2. Image Description:
      3. Add Images of Data Disks:

        The address can be determined in the OSS management console after selecting the required bucket in the left menu, select Files section and then click on Details link on the right for the appropriate image. A window will appear on the right side of the screen, showing image details. The OSS object address is in the URL box.

  2. Click OK.


    The importing process time can vary depending on the image size.

As a result, the custom image is imported to ECS Console. You can create an instance from the custom image.