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Capítulo 4. Creating system images with Image Builder web console interface

Image Builder is a tool for creating custom system images. To control Image Builder and create your custom system images, you can use the web console interface. Note that the command-line interface is the currently preferred alternative, because it offers more features.

4.1. Accessing Image Builder GUI in the RHEL 8 web console

The cockpit-composer plugin for the RHEL 8 web console enables users to manage Image Builder blueprints and composes with a graphical interface. Note that the preferred method for controlling Image Builder is at the moment using the command-line interface.


  • You must have root access to the system.


  1. Open https://localhost:9090/ in a web browser on the system where Image Builder is installed.

    For more information how to remotely access Image Builder, see Managing systems using the RHEL 8 web console document.

  2. Log into the web console with credentials for an user account with sufficient privileges on the system.
  3. To display the Image Builder controls, click the Image Builder icon, which is in the upper-left corner of the window.

    The Image Builder view opens, listing existing blueprints.