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3.4. Creating a system image with Image Builder in the command-line interface

This procedure shows how to build a custom image using the Image Builder command-line interface.


  • You have a blueprint prepared for the image.


  1. Start the compose:

    # composer-cli compose start BLUEPRINT-NAME IMAGE-TYPE

    Replace BLUEPRINT-NAME with name of the blueprint, and IMAGE-TYPE with the type of image. For possible values, see output of the composer-cli compose types command.

    The compose process starts in the background and the UUID of the compose is shown.

  2. Wait until the compose is finished. Please, notice that this may take several minutes.

    To check the status of the compose:

    # composer-cli compose status

    A finished compose shows a status value FINISHED. Identify the compose in the list by its UUID.

  3. Once the compose is finished, download the resulting image file:

    # composer-cli compose image UUID

    Replace UUID with the UUID value shown in the previous steps.

    You can also download the logs using the composer-cli compose logs UUID command, or the metadata using the composer-cli compose metadata UUID command.