25.18. Adding/Removing a Logical Unit Through rescan-scsi-bus.sh

The sg3_utils package provides the rescan-scsi-bus.sh script, which can automatically update the logical unit configuration of the host as needed (after a device has been added to the system). The rescan-scsi-bus.sh script can also perform an issue_lip on supported devices. For more information about how to use this script, refer to rescan-scsi-bus.sh --help.
To install the sg3_utils package, run yum install sg3_utils.

Known Issues with rescan-scsi-bus.sh

When using the rescan-scsi-bus.sh script, take note of the following known issues:
  • In order for rescan-scsi-bus.sh to work properly, LUN0 must be the first mapped logical unit. The rescan-scsi-bus.sh can only detect the first mapped logical unit if it is LUN0. The rescan-scsi-bus.sh will not be able to scan any other logical unit unless it detects the first mapped logical unit even if you use the --nooptscan option.
  • A race condition requires that rescan-scsi-bus.sh be run twice if logical units are mapped for the first time. During the first scan, rescan-scsi-bus.sh only adds LUN0; all other logical units are added in the second scan.
  • A bug in the rescan-scsi-bus.sh script incorrectly executes the functionality for recognizing a change in logical unit size when the --remove option is used.
  • The rescan-scsi-bus.sh script does not recognize ISCSI logical unit removals.