14.13.3. Configuring Virtual CPU Affinity

To configure the affinity of virtual CPUs with physical CPUs, refer to Example 14.3, “Pinning vCPU to a host physical machine's CPU”.

Example 14.3. Pinning vCPU to a host physical machine's CPU

The virsh vcpupin assigns a virtual CPU to a physical one.
# virsh vcpupin rhel6
VCPU: CPU Affinity
   0: 0-3
   1: 0-3
The vcpupin can take the following options:
  • --vcpu requires the vcpu number
  • [--cpulist] >string< lists the host physical machine's CPU number(s) to set, or omit an optional query
  • --config affects next boot
  • --live affects the running domain
  • --current affects the current domain