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Chapter 23. How is the subscription threshold calculated?

In the subscriptions service, the usage and utilization graph for most product pages contains a subscription threshold. This line shows the maximum capacity of similar subscriptions across all of your contracts.


Some product pages do not show a subscription threshold on the graph.

  • For a product page that includes pay-as-you-go On-Demand subscriptions, that graph does not display a subscription threshold because of the characteristics of that subscription type.
  • For an account that includes any subscription with a unit of measurement (UoM) of "Unlimited" as part of the terms, the graph for any product page that includes this subscription does not display a subscription threshold. If filtering is used to exclude this subscription from the views, the graph will display a subscription threshold for the filtered data.

To measure the maximum capacity of an organization’s account and plot the subscription threshold line in the graph, the subscriptions service does the following steps:

  1. Accesses the Red Hat internal subscription services to gather subscription-related contract data for the account.
  2. Analyzes every subscription in the account, including each SKU (stock-keeping unit) that was purchased and the amount of each SKU that was purchased.
  3. Determines which products are provided in each SKU that is found.
  4. Calculates the maximum amount of technology that is provided by a subscription by multiplying the amount of technology that a SKU allows by the number of that SKU that was purchased in the subscription. The amount of technology that a SKU allows is the unit of measurement for the SKU multiplied by the number of these units (the limit) that the SKU provides.
  5. Adds the maximum amount of technology for every subscription to determine the subscription threshold that appears on the graph for every product or product portfolio.
  6. Analyzes the available subscription attributes data (also known as system purpose data or subscription settings) to enable filtering of that data with the filters in the subscriptions service.