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Part III. Setting up the subscriptions service for data collection

To set up the environment for the subscriptions service data collection, connect your Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift systems to the Cloud Services platform services through one or more data collection tools.

After you complete the steps to set up this environment, you can continue with the steps to activate and open the subscriptions service.

Do these steps

  1. To gather Red Hat Enterprise Linux usage data, complete at least one of the following three steps to connect your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems to the Cloud Services platform by enabling a data collection tool. This connection enables subscription usage data to show in the subscriptions service.

    1. Deploy Insights on every RHEL system that is managed by Red Hat Satellite:

    2. Ensure that Satellite is configured to manage your RHEL systems and install the Satellite inventory upload plugin:

    3. Ensure that Red Hat Subscription Management is configured to manage your RHEL systems:

  2. To gather Red Hat OpenShift usage data, complete the following step for Red Hat OpenShift data collection on the Cloud Services platform.

    1. Set up the connection between Red Hat OpenShift and the subscriptions service based upon the operating system that is used for clusters:

  3. To gather high-precision public cloud usage data for Red Hat Enterprise Linux based instances on Amazon Web Services, complete the following step:

    1. Add Amazon Web Services sources that activate the data-gathering capabilities of the public cloud metering tool.