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Part I. About the subscriptions service

The subscriptions service in the Hybrid Cloud Console provides a visual representation of the subscription experience across your hybrid infrastructure in a dashboard-based application. The subscriptions service is intended to simplify how you interact with your subscriptions, providing both a historical look-back at your subscription usage and an ability to make informed, forward-facing decisions based on that usage and your remaining subscription capacity.


The April 2021 release of the subscriptions service includes the following changes for how you access the subscriptions service:

  • The subscription watch tool has a new name, and is now known as the subscriptions service.
  • The primary navigation for the Hybrid Cloud Console at has been redesigned. The subscriptions service has been relocated within the navigation tree for the individual product portfolios that it works with, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift, and Red Hat Cloud Services. Product page views generated by the subscriptions service are located within the Subscriptions submenu. This Subscriptions submenu might also include other subscription-related pages that are not directly related to the subscriptions service.

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