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Chapter 2. Exporting and downloading a manifest for connected Satellite servers

Exporting a manifest enables you to manage the subscriptions that it contains from within your Satellite instance. Exporting and downloading a new copy of the manifest is required whenever you add or remove subscriptions from the manifest.


  • Red Hat Satellite 6 or later
  • To export a manifest, you can have either the Subscriptions user role or Subscriptions administrator role in the role-based access control (RBAC) system for the Hybrid Cloud Console.


The following procedure guides you through the steps to export and download a manifest.

  1. Log in to your Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console Account at
  2. From the Business Insights menu, click Subscriptions > Manifests.
  3. From the Manifests page, click the name of the manifest that you want to export.
  4. Click Export manifest.


    Do not refresh the page while the manifest is exporting. Refreshing the page will disrupt the manifest creation process.

    When the manifest is exported successfully, a notification window opens.

  5. From the notification window, click Download Manifest.


    The application encodes the selected subscriptions certificates and creates a compressed file in .zip format. This file is the subscription manifest that you can upload into Satellite Server. The file saves to your default downloads folder.

After you download the manifest, you can import it into your Satellite Server. You can then use the Satellite web UI to update the manifest and refresh it to reflect the changes. Alternatively, you can import an updated manifest that contains the changes. For more information, see Importing a Subscription Manifest into Satellite Server in the Red Hat Satellite Content Management Guide.