Chapter 10. Installing the Satellite inventory upload plugin

If you are using Red Hat Satellite as the data collection tool, and you do not use Satellite plus Red Hat Insights to send data to the Cloud Services platform tools for processing, then you must install the Satellite inventory upload plugin to send this data.

You must also use the Satellite inventory upload plugin in combination with the virt-who tool for accurate reporting of hypervisor host-guest mapping information for virtual data center (VDC) subscriptions and similar virtualized environments.


In the following steps, the actions that you do and the options that appear in the interface might vary according to your Satellite version.


  1. Install the Satellite inventory upload plugin on the Satellite Server. For Satellite 6.8, the plugin is installed for you during Satellite installation.

    1. For Satellite 6.6 and 6.7, use the following command:

      # foreman-maintain packages install tfm-rubygem-foreman_inventory_upload-*
    2. For Satellite 6.5, use the following command:

      # yum install tfm-rubygem-foreman_inventory_upload-*
  2. When installation is complete, restart the Satellite services:

    # foreman-maintain service restart
  3. Depending upon the Satellite version, you might have to activate the plugin to start automatic collection of data. To activate the plugin, click RH Inventory or RH Cloud in the navigation, then click Allow Auto Upload.

Verification steps

After a successful installation and restart, the RH Inventory or RH Cloud navigation option displays in the Red Hat Satellite interface, where you can view the status of the extract and upload actions.

The Satellite inventory upload plugin reports once per day by default, but this value is configurable. You can also manually send data from Satellite.