Chapter 7. Your responsibilities

Subscription watch and simple content access and the features that make up these offerings are new and are rapidly evolving. During this rapid development phase, you have the ability to view, and more importantly contribute to, the newest capabilities early in the process. Your feedback is valued and welcome. Work with your Red Hat account team, for example, your technical account manager (TAM) or customer success manager (CSM), to provide this feedback.

As you use these tools, note the following agreements and contractual responsibilities that remain in effect:

  • Customers are responsible for monitoring subscription utilization and complying with applicable subscription terms. Subscription watch is a customer benefit to manage and view subscription utilization. Red Hat does not intend to create new billing events based on subscription watch tooling, rather the tooling will help the customer gain visibility into utilization so it can keep track of its environment.
  • Simple content access does not eliminate any contractual requirements between you and Red Hat. You are still required to ensure that your deployments are in accordance with any Red Hat contracts.