Chapter 9. Deploying Red Hat Insights

If you are using Red Hat Insights as the data collection tool, deploy Red Hat Insights on every RHEL system that is managed by Red Hat Satellite.

Do these steps

  1. To install Red Hat Insights, see the following information:

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9.1. Installing Red Hat Insights

Install Red Hat Insights to collect information about your inventory.


  1. Install Insights on every RHEL system that is managed by Red Hat Satellite by using the following instructions:

9.2. What data does Red Hat Insights collect?

When the Red Hat Insights client is installed on a system, it collects data about that system on a daily basis and sends it to the Red Hat Insights cloud application. The data might also be shared with other applications on the Cloud Services platform, such as inventory or subscription watch. Insights provides configuration and command options, including options for data obfuscation and data redaction, to manage that data.

For more information, see the Client Configuration Guide for Red Hat Insights, available with the Red Hat Insights product documentation.

You might also want to examine the types of data that Insights collects and sends to Red Hat or add controls to the data that is sent. For additional information that supplements the information available in the product documentation, see the following articles: