Chapter 13. Activating subscription watch

To begin displaying usage and capacity data, subscription watch must be activated by one user with access to the Red Hat account through a Red Hat Customer Portal login. The organization administrator (org admin) account role is not required to activate subscription watch.


If a Red Hat Customer Portal login is associated with an organization that does not have an account relationship with Red Hat, then subscription watch cannot be activated.

When subscription watch is activated, the Cloud Services platform tools begin analyzing and processing data from the data collection tools for display in subscription watch.


The following procedure guides you through the steps to activate subscription watch from You can also access the activation page at the conclusion of the subscription watch tour or from an option on the Subscription Central page.


  1. In a browser window, go to
  2. If prompted, enter your Red Hat Customer Portal login credentials.
  3. On the Subscription Watch tile, click Open to open subscription watch.
  4. Complete one of the following steps, depending on the status of subscription watch activation:

    • If subscription watch is not yet active for the account, the activation page displays. Click Activate Subscription Watch.
    • If subscription watch is activated but not yet ready to display data, the subscription watch application opens, but it displays an empty graph. Try accessing subscription watch later, typically the next day.
    • If subscription watch is activated and the initial data processing is complete, the subscription watch application opens and displays data on the graph. You can begin using subscription watch to view data about subscription usage and capacity for the account.

Verification steps

Data processing for the initial display of subscription watch can take up to 24 hours. Until data for the account is ready, only an empty graph will display.