Executive summary

Organizations across the globe are looking to rapidly develop innovative software applications in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud in order to achieve competitive advantage and ensure customer satisfaction. Many of these software applications have to be deployed in an on-premises private cloud or in a co-location facility for various reasons (for example, security and compliance, data affinity, performance, among others). The IT organizations responsible for operating the private cloud desire it to be simple, agile, flexible, secure, cost efficient, and part of their overall Hybrid and Multi-Cloud architecture.

This Reference Architecture showcases a prescriptive and pre-validated private cloud solution from Red Hat that allows you to run IT as a Service (ITaaS), and provides rapid provisioning and lifecycle management of containerized apps, virtual machines (VMs), and associated application and infrastructure services for software developers, data scientists, solution architects, among others. The key architecture components of this solution include Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and Red Hat Ceph Storage.

Extensive testing was performed at the Red Hat labs to validate the design, deployment, and management best practices, so that organizations can quickly deploy the solution and achieve faster time to value. This pre-validation by Red Hat can help mitigate risk in deployments, and can eliminate most of the time required to develop the Day 1-2 operations best practices.