Chapter 2. Technical Summary

This reference architecture describes the step-by-step procedures to deploy Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage in a way that both the OpenStack Nova Compute services and the Ceph Object Storage Daemon (OSD) services reside on the same node.

In order to facilitate the implementation process of this reference architecture, all of the scripts and Heat templates may be accessed directly on GitHub. The following section shows an example of how an implementer may use the GitHub repository to make changes to implement a similar environment.

2.1. Using the RHsyseng HCI GitHub Repository

After installing the undercloud as described in Section 4.1, “Deploy the Undercloud”, ssh into the Red Hat OpenStack Platform director server as the stack user and clone the RHsyseng HCI GitHub Repository:

git clone

Copy the custom-templates directory, provided in the repository, and customize the templates as described in Chapter 5, Define the Overcloud.

cp -r hci/custom-templates ~/

Copy the script as provided in the repository:

cp hci/scripts/ ~/

Run to determine the appropriate resource isolation required for the HCI deployment as described in Chapter 6, Resource Isolation and Tuning and then update the Heat environment templates as described in Section 6.1.3, “Nova Memory and CPU Calculator”. Ensure the overcloud will have access to NUMA related packages as descrbed in Section 6.2, “Ceph NUMA Pinning”.

Copy the script and use the script to deploy the overcloud as described in Chapter 7, Deployment.

cp hci/scripts/ ~/

While the above steps provide a quick way to modify and potentially create a similar environment as this reference architecture, it is not meant to replace the comprehensiveness of this full document.