Chapter 9. Conclusion

This reference architecture has covered how to use Red Hat OpenStack Platform director to deploy and manage Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage in a way that both the OpenStack Nova Compute services and the Ceph Object Storage Daemon (OSD) services reside on the same node.

The Section 4.1, “Deploy the Undercloud” section covered how to deploy an undercloud where the hardware covered in Chapter 3, Hardware Recommendations was imported into Ironic as described in Section 4.2, “Register and Introspect Hardware”.

The Chapter 5, Define the Overcloud section covered to use composable roles to define a hyper-converged overcloud in Heat as well as Section 5.2, “Network Configuration” and Section 5.4, “Ceph Configuration”.

The Chapter 6, Resource Isolation and Tuning covered how to isolate resources in a hyper-converged overcloud to address contention between OpenStack and Ceph which could result in degradation of either service. A Section 6.1.3, “Nova Memory and CPU Calculator” was provided to tune Nova for a hyper-converged deployment based on workload and the Section 6.2, “Ceph NUMA Pinning” section provided a post-deploy script to start Ceph stroage services with a NUMA policy.

The final sections covered Chapter 7, Deployment and operational considerations such as Section 8.1, “Configuration Updates”, Section 8.2, “Adding Compute/Red Hat Ceph Storage Nodes”, and Section 8.3, “Removing Compute/Red Hat Ceph Storage Nodes”.