Appendix C. Troubleshooting

This section provides a list of commands that can be used to help troubleshoot the deployment and configuration. The following commands are executed under the stack user account.

$ source stackrc

  • overcloudDeploy.log
  • sudo journalctl -u openstack-ironic-conductor -f
  • sudo journalctl -u openstack-ironic-conductor -u openstack-ironic-api
  • openstack baremetal node list (view provisioning state, watch for Active)
  • openstack server list (view status, watch for Active)
  • openstack stack resource list -n5 <stack>
  • heat resource-show <resourceID> 0 | grep resource_status_reason | grep FAILED
  • heat resource-show <resourceID> 0 | grep resource_status_reason
  • openstack server list – this will provide a list of the overcloud nodes including the status and control plane IP Addresses.

Access a deployed node use ssh heat-admin@<ctlplane IP Address>. Check network to see if vlans, IPAddresses, and Bond interfaces reflect what is in the nic-config files

  • Check log files /var/log/
  • journalctl -xe
  • sudo journalctl -u os-collect-config
  • systemctl list-units openstack*

Once the overcloud is deployed source to environment file (overcloudrc) and verify the services are running.

$ source osphperc

  • nova service-list
  • neutron agent-list
  • openstack service list
  • openstack service show <service>

To redeploy a failed deployment delete the stack and check the ironic node status. When the stack is delete and all nodes are available redeploy the stack.

$ source stackrc

  • openstack stack list
  • openstack stack delete <stack>
  • openstack stack list
  • openstack baremetal node list