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Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 3.6.1-02017-10-17Glenn West (
  • Added RedHat Single Sign On
Revision 3.6.0-02017-08-17Glenn West (
  • Changed to OpenShift 3.6
Revision 3.5.5-02017-07-24Eduardo Minguez (
  • Added extend cluster section and SDN option
Revision 3.5.4-02017-07-14Eduardo Minguez (
  • Added metrics and aggregated logging
Revision 3.5.3-02017-07-10Glenn West (
  • Document the use of Ansible Playbook to Deploy ARM Template
Revision 3.5.2-02017-06-23Eduardo Minguez (
  • Added more information about security groups
Revision 3.5.1-02017-06-01Eduardo Minguez (
  • Added some sections to clarify some concepts
Revision 3.5.0-02017-01-25Glenn West (
  • Initial creation of document